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Tooth Whitening

Before  ZOOM whitening and enamel recontouring.   After Zoom whitening and enamel recontouring.

Zoom In-Office Tooth Whitening Plus Enamel Recontouring

Zoom Whitening Before   Zoom Whitening After

Zoom In-Office Tooth Whitening

Zoom Pre Op   Zoom post treatment

Zoom In-Office Tooth Whitening

Porcelain Crowns and Dental Implants

Pre op   Zoom post treatment

Tooth whitening, enamel recontouring, and two porcelain fused to zirconia crowns on the lateral incisors.

Patient missing front teeth treatment.   Patient smile reconstructed with porcelain fused to zirconia bridge.

Porcelain fused to zirconia bridge.

Before Picture    After Picture

Smile Design – tooth whitening and four porcelain fused to zirconia crowns.

CBeforeWeb-resized    CAfterWeb-resized

Maxillary central incisor was extracted and immediately provisionalized with a temporary bridge. The final restorations include a 3-unit porcelain bridge [7-P-9] and single porcelain crown on tooth #10.


Maxillary central incisor treated with tooth whitening and a porcelain crown.



Congenitally missing lateral incisors restored with dental implants and crowns.



Teeth worn from grinding - restored with porcelain crowns #7-#10



Porcelain fused to Gold Crown, Dental Implants, & Bridge with Custom Abutments.



Tooth Whitening and replacement of old porcelain fused to metal crowns with all porcelain crowns.



Porcelain Crowns (#6-11, #22-27) and Direct Resin Bonded Veneers (#4,5,12,20,21,28,29)



Teeth worn from grinding, restored with porcelain crowns #7-#10



Maxillary Central Incisors - 30 Month Follow-up.

Dental Implant - Porcelain Fused to Gold Custom Abutment #8 and 2 Porcelain Crowns #8, #9.



 Maxillary Central Incisors - Dental Implants - Porcelain Crowns and Zirconia Abutments



Maxillary Central Incisors - Dental Implants - Porcelain Crowns and Zirconia Abutments



Maxillary Central Incisors - Dental Implant and Two Porcelain Crowns



 Porcelain Crowns


Lower Incisors-Dental Implant and Crown



Diastama closure and smile makover with gingival surgery and porcelain crowns



Maxillary Right Central and Lateral Incisor - Dental Implant and Two Porcelain Crowns



Maxillary Right Central Incisor -

Tooth was extracted. Picture #1 is an implant temporary crown.  Picture #2 is after tooth whitening, implant, custom abutment and porcelain crown. 


Maxillary Central Incisors - Porcelain Crowns


Maxillary and Mandibular Anteriors - Porcelain Crowns and Direct Resin Veneers on the premolars


Tooth Whitening, Porcelain Bridges teeth #3-4-5 & #6-7-8 and Porcelain Crowns teeth#9,10, 11


Tooth Whitening, Porcelain Crowns #7-10


Tooth Whitening, Porcelain Crowns for teeth #'s 7-10


Tooth Whitening, Extraction of 7 and 8.
These teeth were replaced with one dental implant and a 2 tooth porcelain bridge on top of a custom abutment.


Trauma Case - teeth #7 and 8 were lost.
Replaced with one dental implant and a 2 tooth porcelain bridge on top of a custom abutment.


Trauma1    Trauma2

Dental Trauma treated over 18 months. Final restorations include two dental implants, custom porcelain fused to gold abutments, 3 unit implant abutment supported bridge and 3 crowns.


Bef1     12

Upper Anterior Bridge -

 Upper central incisor (#9) was extracted with socket preservation and immediately temporized.  Final restoration involves a three unit bridge with ovate pontic [8-P-10].



Upper Bridge Replacement -

Before, During and After - Old Bridge, Temporary Bridge, Final Porcelain Fused to Gold Bridge

Preoperatory crown procesdure     Post operatory crown procedure

Combination Cases - Crowns and Partial Dentures


Six Unit Anterior Bridge, Precision Attachments, Cast Removable Partial Denture.



Crowns, Precision Attachments, Cast Removable Partial Denture. 



Crowns, Precision Attachments, Cast Removable Partial Denture. 



    Crowns, Precision Attachments and Cast Removable Partial Denture



    Cast Removable Partial Denture Replacement




Bridge Repair - #9 porcelain was severely fractured.  Bridge prepared for porcelain fused to metal jacket veneer and bonded into place, preventing costly remake of the full bridge.

Post-orthodontic Finishing In Resin


Maxillary Lateral Incisors Enlarged with Resin



Lateral Incisor (Peg Lateral) Enlarged with Resin



Direct Resin Bonded Pontic - Freehand


Broken & Worn Teeth - Repaired in Resin



Tooth Whitening and Direct Resin Bonded Veneers



Tooth Whitening and Resin Bonding



Diastama Closure in Resin

 Pre-op picture    Finished Picture

Complete Dentures




Denture-Before    DentureAfter


Full Dentures Before    Full Dentures after


Before and after images of a patient who had her upper teeth removed and an immediate upper complete denture placed in her mouth the same day. Photo #2 is the day after surgery during a follow up visit.

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